If a file dose not exsist how do i addthis file to my computer?

my computer claims a file does not exsist when i try to uninstall an unwanted program from my computer,HOW DO I CHANGE THIS, SO THAT I CAN UNINSTALL AN UNWANTED PROGRAM?
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  1. my computer claims a file dpes not exsist when i try to uninstall a program, how am i supose to uninstall a program, when my computer claims that this file does not exsist, and will not allow me to uninstall this program?
  2. What OS are you using and what program are you trying to uninstall?
  3. Assuming Windoze since you posted in the Windows 7 section of the forum

    1. Reinstall the program over itself to restore the missing file.....then use add/remove programs to uninstall.


    2. Delete the program folder and then use a registry cleaner (CCleaner) to remove all the registry entires.
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