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CM HAF 912 Advanced vs Corsair 500R

Hello everyone,

I'm going through a huge dilemma right now, so i really need your advice. I've been planning to buy the CM HAF 912 Advanced, and had already bought a 120mm fan and dust filter for the side intake, however all of a sudden they've gone out of stock all over the country (i'm in India) so it's a bit sad. Apparently not coming in from Taiwan.

I don't know what to do, should i wait for the 912s to start shipping again or go for the Corsair 500R? The lack of a 200mm filter for the side is a bit of a problem, very dusty here...

I can't decide...the 912 seems to be far better feature-wise...(prices will be same in the end, i have discount coupons for ebay :) )...but sort of don't want to wait anymore...don't really like the 690 II Advanced from CM...NZXT Phantom is a bit too expensive for me, and the Phantom 410 looks a bit squashed...

Newegg+local links: (912 Advanced is Asia-only)

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  1. better go with 400r and use the saved money to buy filter.
  2. idk, will have to make a filter, no 200mm filters available here. Not really a problem but i think for that price...i'd rather want it included?

    400R...hmmm...needs two fans on the side...will have to get white ones, they're usually expensive...and i dunno, it's got proprietary fans for the led switch, and corsair fans aren't available here. Plus a useless firewire port (both the 500R and 400R).

    How's the build quality on the Carbides? Main complaints on newegg seem to be with the fans and flimsy build...HAF is solid, apparently...
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    both are great(carbides and HAFs).
  4. hmmm i guess i'll just wait really. If it doesn't get restocked by June/July i'll go for the Carbide.

    God this wasn't supposed to be a "question" but a "discussion". Idk why it posted as a question. anyway to change that? Or actually hell with that i'll just select a best answer. lol.
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