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Okay, I just built my computer and the BIOS boots up. When I put in the windows disk in it loads the windows files then goes to a windows screen and blue screens. The stop code is 0x0000007E. I have a MSI G45 B3 motherboard. I tested the RAM and it was good.
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  1. While trying to load windows for the first time I get to the first windows logo screen and it blue screens every time. There is no code but the stop: is 0x0000007E (0xFFFFFFFF80000003, 0xFFFFF8000DC595C8, 0XFFFFF880009A8508, 0XFFFFFF880009A7C30). Everything seems to be okay inside. I performed a memory test and it said memory checked okay. I'm not sure what else to do here. Next I will be using single sticks of RAM but does anyone else have other suggestions?

    MSI G45 B3
    Intel I5-2500K
    1TB Seagate 6GB/S
    EVGA 560TI Superclocked
  2. try updating the bios and list your full hardware specs
  3. See my post in homebuilt
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