Ati radeon hd 3650 1gb vs geforce 7600gs DDR 512mb

The title pretty much tells the tale. Can anyone tell me which of these agp cards would run better on an Asus A7V400MX SE motherboard with a Barton core AMD XP3200+ CPU and 2g of PC2700 ram?

That's as much ram as the board will support and I happen to have both cards on hand already.

Thanks in advance for any help you can give.

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  1. I probably should have added that it runs XP Pro SP3 with all the updates.

    I know this is all old stuff but I don't do any gaming and it serves me pretty well for what I do.


  2. I'm sorry, I have a further question as well. Both GPU's have "sound out"and cables that would allow me to hook it to my Creative Digital Desktop (really old 5.1 surround sound that still works great). Would that be better than the onboard sound on the motherboard (also runs to the Cambridge system)?
  3. 3650 is better overall, but what res and what work do you do with your comp?
  4. ati is better here
  5. Resolution is 1680 x 1050, color is 32 bit (highest).

    Mostly, I'm active on a few tech forums for Harley-Davidson motorcycles and play a few of the games on Facebook. I also spend a lot of time on sports websites and just reading about the world in general. I'm retired and spend a lot of time looking at this thing.

    I also manage a website for a small home-based business with it (It's very simple) and eBay stuff. Other than that, I listen to lots of mp3's/internet radio and enjoy viral videos.

    Thanks for the response.
  6. I think, the 3650 more than enough with what you do.
  7. Thanks guys. I haven't really done anything with building anything for many years now.

    I look at some of the stuff you guys are putting together today and it just blows my mind.

    Thanks again for the help.
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