Please Confirm PSU Selecion And Evaluate Build (URGENT)

This is essentially a budget gaming rig.

core i3 2100

Asus P8P67-LE-V3

1G 6870 Powercolor

8G Patriot Gamer 2

Power Supply
Seasonic S12-II 80+ Bronze 520

My biggest concern is if the PSU will be happy/have correct connections to run this system but opinions on the rest of the build would be appreciated.
Yes i realise this isnt complete build list but the rest is of no concern/not finalised. Your help will be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Everything is fine. The PSU has 6 & 6+2 so you're fine there. The only thing I'd recommend is looking for a H61 motherboard as P67 offers nothing at all for the i3-2100 as it cannot be overclocked. Might as well save yourself a few dollars, you never know you might also need the igp at some point and the P67 does not support it.
  2. all good seem, only like to add if you can maybe change Video card
    i just did some reading and 6870 Powercolor cards seems to have hi rate of failure my self i would go with different vendor for now
  3. You can get a Sapphire 6870 for the same price and they have way better reviews. You only need 4gb of RAM for gaming. Other than that you're PSU looks fine.
  4. Thanks for the help guys.
    I was actually somewhat concerned about the Powercolor. Sadly i live in australia, and i can only find one vendor (MSY) that actually offers reasonable prices (im not that tight but i refuse to support companies who have huge profit margins) and they actually have a physical store beating all internet prices i can find (that ship here). the next card up is the HIS 6870 (they dont sell sapphire for some reason) @ $185 so ill most likely go for that, id love the asus but paying $218 for a card i can get for $169 seems stupid, especially when i dont care about noise.
    As for the extra RAM and P67 MOBO theyre simply there so when the moneys avaliable i can drop in an i7 2600k, 6970 and new PSU.
    Just hanging out for new CPU's and graphics to be released so i can reap the benefits of all that useless old stocks bargain bin pricing haha.
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