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I have searched the forums and have not found the necessary solution to this issue. I have a office in a small building. The landlord provides us internet access, its a nice size pipe with good download and upload speeds.

The other half of the building has been vacant for a while but now someone has moved in and they too will be sharing the internet. The landlord had sent someone out to configuire everything for the other people but it messed up everything. I have some networking experience, but not as much as most of you.

The overall goal is to have two separate networks that are sharing the same connection so that the computers cannot see each other and other devices but can still access the internet.

Right now we are able to access the internet with the other people on as well but we now have to manually configure our DNS which is a pain as we have some people who bring laptops in and then have to manually configure the DNS settings and then unconfigure them when they leave.

I would assume that this type of setup is possible.

Right now the settings are like this.

Cable Modem


Linksys WRT54G (client DHCP off, set to gateway mode) IP is

Ethernet cables from two LAN ports to LAN ports of each Netgear WGT624 wireless routers.

One WGT624 only has a wireless network setup with no security (temporarily) DHCP is on for range -253
Routrer IP is

One WGT624 has a wireless network setup with WEP and has 3 wired clients. DHCP is on for range -
ROuter IP is

The problem is computers behind either router cannot connect to the internet without having to manually specify IP, Subnet, Gateway, DNS servers.

Can anyone recommend how I can fix this so that we can have the computers behind each router automatically get connection information and connect to the internet without manual configuration each time. Also how can these be configured so that the two networks cannot see each other?
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  1. how about this:

    turn on DHCP on the Linksys, change the Admin password of the router, and turn on the Wireless for public access with no password.

    change the LAN IP of the Netgears to with DHCP turned on.

    setup two separate SSID with passkeys (try to use WPA2 if possible)

    connect the WAN/Internet port of the Netgrears to the LAN port of the Linksys.

    this way each of the two units gets is own SSID with secret passkey via the Netgears, and you still have a public wireless via the Linksys.
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