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So I decided to start building a new desktop mostly for gaming purposes because my old one is well...old.

I recently purchased a ASUS Sabertooth 990FX and I was reading on what memory was best for this motherboard. Everything Ive read seems to be geared more for Intel boards.

Is there any particular type of memory that is more geared for AMD boards Im looking at around 1600mhz, if possible I might go with1866. I read that the motherboard's handles it well but its native speed is 1333mhz so I suppose overclocking would be required.

I was also curious about the Processor. We have been looking at the new
AMD FX-8120 Zambezi 8 core processor but I read somewhere that for gaming its actually recommended that threading is more important then the number of cores you have.
Is this true and if so can you explain why?

Any recommendation for this build would be great, its been 3 or 4 years since my last build.

Many thanks in advance!
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  1. Memory is not Intel/AMD specific. The motherboard's site should have a QVL of memory tested to work on that board.
    But generally, any memory within the board's specs will work. Unless you know what you're doing as far as OCing goes, I would stay with DDR3 1600/1333/1066

    Most games won't require more than 3 or 4 cores. Anything more sits unused. If you are into something like video editing, then more cores can help. If games are your main interest, the Phenom II X4 980 Black Edition is about the fastest you can use.
  2. Did some looking on newegg. Found the FX 8 core is only $40 more then the Phenom II x4 980. So would it be worth it just to spend the extra $40 for later down the road?
  3. I would recommend sending that board back and invest on a sandy bride processor for gaming such as an i5 2500k. For the price nothing beats it..... Of course until ivy bridge processors come out in a couple of months
  4. Shr1keS said:
    Did some looking on newegg. Found the FX 8 core is only $40 more then the Phenom II x4 980. So would it be worth it just to spend the extra $40 for later down the road?

    It depends on your main use for the processor. As I said, for gaming with that board go with the fastest Phenom II. For apps that require more than 4 cores like media encoding, go with the FX. There are several reviews and benchmarks available online to compare the processors. Here's one to get you started...,3043.html
  5. Interesting.
    I also heard that the FX processors were getting a new Patch that gives it a 10% boost. I also heard that the FX cpus are going through stepping, would it be worth just waiting for all that?
  6. gonna bump this thread, I have one more question.

    I did a ton of reading and found out that yeah the 8 core FX is probably not my best choice.
    However I read that the 4 Core FX processor is fairly good. Its only $120 too.

    it runs up to 3.8ghz without OCing and is a unlocked processor.
    It also doesn't have hyper threading instead it has HyperTransport.

    I just wanted to know your opinions on that processor. I also heard that the FX cards recommend that you have a Radeon card. I kinda wanted to get a GTX460 or if I can find on cheap enough a 560ti.

    And telling me to get rid of the sabertooth board and getting a intel is out of the question. I got a REALLY good deal on that motherboard and is the main reason why Im building a new computer.
  7. First, you can use either AMD/ATI or Nvidia cards in a that board. Either alone or in Xfire (AMD) or SLI (Nvidia). So your GTX 460 choice will work great.

    Second, Don't confuse Intel's Hyper Threading with AMD's Hyper Transport. Hyper Threading referes to each processor core being able to execute 2 instructions per clock cycle. Hyper Transport refers to AMD's bus system that replaces the Front Side Bus used on some boards.

    The FX 4100 is not a bad choice. There may be better choices... but at $120 and wanting to use your AM3+ socket, it will make a good gamer.
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