Which Motherboard should I Pick from these 3?

Hi guys,

My last motherboard MSI 945GCM7 is failed & now I'm going to get another motherboard. Since I'm going to get this for some occasional gaming purposes, so I'm getting a used motherboard & don't want to invest a lot.

My available Options are:
1). Intel DG35
2). Intel DG31PR
3). Inter S3200

I've a Graphics Card HD3450 512MB DDR2 (It is PCI-Express 2.0).

My Questions are:
1). Which Motherboard from above Have PCI-Express 2.0?
2). How much it matters if the Motherboard PCI-Express Version is 1.0 and the Graphics Card version is 2.0 ?
3). Will it affect my gaming experience a lot?

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