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Building without a case?

Ok this may be a dumb question but, is it a bad idea to build (and run) a PC without a case? The only reason I ask is because the case I ordered for my build is back ordered so I'll have everything I need but the case for a while. I'm assuming it's not a good idea but I'm new to building systems. I'm guessing you'd have some sort of grounding problems? If that is a bad idea, is there something I could do until I get the case? The only reason I ask is because I've been planning and researching this build nonstop for the past few weeks so I'm pretty excited and now disappointed that I'm going to have to wait longer because the case is back ordered.
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  1. It would be probably be for the best if you just waited for you're case. If you try to build it without the case you're components won't get proper airflow. There's nothing necessarily stopping you from connecting the components and placing them on a nonconductive surface bit I would just wait.
  2. I think the only component I'd have cooling problems with is the hard drive. It would be the GPU but I haven't ordered that yet as I'm waiting to see how the pricing is for the 7970. The CPU is going to be cooled by a Hyper 212 plus so I think that would be alright. Other things probably would get a little warm though. I also don't know if I have like a nice rubber mat around here that I could sit it on. I'll just have to see how long the case is supposed to be on back order and decide if it's worth taking the time to get it set up safely and maybe just aim a couple fans at it lol.
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    This is a good idea. jsc always advocates breadboarding, which is the process that you describe. It's an easy way to isolate problems with your parts, and it's perfectly safe as long as you don't break anything :P
    Point a fan at it if things start heating up badly (check with Speedfan), but it shouldn't really be a problem.

    Get a 212 EVO if you haven't ordered yet. $5 more and significantly better.
  4. I already ordered =/. Noob question but is glass conductive? I have a small printer cart that has a glass top, the rest is metal but I don't believe it touches the metal, just the rubber suction cups on the metal. Like I said I can't think of anywhere I would have a rubber pad or something around here.
  5. Glass is not conductive. I've used paper and cardboard before as well.

    Pets/kids? Those will be your biggest hazards to doing this.
  6. Duh, I don't know why I didn't think of cardboard lol I've got hundreds of USPS boxes that I could lay on top of this cart so that I know it's not going to contact the metal. I do have a dog but he's small and not allowed in here anyway! Thanks :)
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