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Gaming computer, first build. Advice needed.

Hi :D

I am completely new to building.

I want to build a gaming computer, I want to be able to run Bf3, Skyrim and maybe Crysis.

My budget is $1000 or less. I can probably fork over 50-60 more dollars.

Approximate Purchase Date: Within the next 3 months

System Usage from Most to Least Important: Gaming, Internet, Video Editing, Simple programs

I don't need: Keyboards/Headphones/Speakers

I am shopping at: Newegg

Country: USA

Overclocking: Not sure. What would you suggest?

SLI or Crossfire: No. Just gonna use one card

Monitor Resoloution: 1680x1050

Comments: As you know, i want to play most the game son the market, and I want it to be fairly upgradable.
A really good case.

This is my first time ever building, so any info or other help would be appreciated :D
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    I assume you want a monitor in your budget. So here's a suggestion :

    CPU & RAM: $241- i5 2500K & Patriot Signature (2x 4GB)

    PSU & Motherboard: $160 -MSi P67A G43 & Corsair CX500

    GPU: $210- Gigabyte GTX 560Ti

    Monitor: $130 -Acer 21.5"

    HDD: $80 -Hitachi 500GB

    Case: $40 -Fractal Design Core

    Optical Drive: $18-LG

    SSD: $105- Crucial M4 64GB(Optional)

    Total(Excluding Rebates): 984 USD

    Reabates: 30 USD

    If you need an OS then drop the SSD and get it. The ssd is optional . If you need fast booting and fast level loading in games then consider it otherwise skip it.
    If you are into overclocking consider a cheap cpu cooler like Cooler master hyper 212+
  2. Agree with this.
  3. Good suggestion.Aurjai,overclocking is great if you want.there are a lot of overclocking guides for sandybridges.
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  5. Thanks, I'll get those parts :D Really appreciate the help :)
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