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Advice on new gaming/overclocking rig HELP?!

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January 7, 2012 3:22:59 AM

Hello everyone!

I am making a new computer mostly for gaming, but here and there I will be using it for listening to music, surfing the internet, and doing homework. I am fairly new at building a computer(this is gonna be my first one that I will be building :sol:  ) and I need some advice on parts. I pretty much have everything to build it(I bought a DIY Full Bundle newegg is offering), but I have to buy a new motherboard cause new egg gave me a faulty one :(  .

Here is the link to the combo build: (minus the motherboard) I also plan to overclock the cpu around 4.0-4.5ghz and I wanted to know what would be a recommended ghz amount for a computer that will be on 24/7? (I might turn it off here and there, but I usually just keep it since I don't like waiting for it to turn back on)

I might buy a HAF 912 because reviews from google search say that the Rosewill Challenger is a small case for what I am gonna be doing with my rig. I will also be buying a after market CPU cooler for my overclocking. I plan on getting this cpu cooler IF I don't buy that haf 912.... . (IF I do buy that haf 912 what cpu cooler would you guys recommend)

P.S. My build will also consists of different items which I will post links too below.


MOTHERBOARD: Is there any difference between the ASUS P67 EVO and P67 PRO?

P.S.S: If I do get that HAF 912 case here are the add-ons I will be getting when I get the money.

Extra Case Fans: x2

Heres the fan set up of the HAF 912:

I plan on placing a 200mm fan in the front(intake) and another on the top panel (exhaust). This will leave me a extra stock fan since they give you one for the front, I either will place it as a side panel or add it as a push/pull configuration for the cpu cooler. BTW I also have some questions about the Push/Pull if anyone can help me with. What does the push/pull configuration mean and does it give better cooling for a 24/7 overclocked cpu with the Hyper 212 evo? Which fan is push and which is pull? Should the stronger fan be push or pull? (images are appreciated! :D  )

CPU FAN: I either will just use that stock OR get a different 120mm fan online. (Which ones would you guys recommend)

Monitor: ViewSonic LED 1080p FULL HD 23 inch monitor and a DELL 19 inch monitor (YES DUAL MONITORS! :D )

Keyboard/Mouse: Logitech MK320 Keyboard and Mouse wireless.

Fan Controller: Should I get a fan controller with just these fans or pass? If I do get a fan controller which ones are recommended?

This is pretty much all the parts I will be getting, I will edit it if I add/remove any parts.

Thank you to everyone who would even bother reading this "essay" just to help a noob like me :) . All answers are appreciated good OR bad they will help me with my knowledge of computers.

P.S.S.S: (that's a lot of S's :lol:  ) I will only be having a 650 watt antec green earth power supply. Should I upgrade the psu OR take any parts off my rig OR will it be a sufficient amount of power for my rig?

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Best solution

January 7, 2012 9:21:34 AM

I wouldnt get a fan controller. Also your psu wattage is fine for your system. If newegg gave you a faulty motherboard, most likely they will replace it with a new one.

I wouldnt buy a new case as you are saving 45 dollars with that combo, and the case in that combo is 50... so you will be losing $5+ the haf 912 case. Resulting in you paying way more money than you needed to.

The aftermarker heatsink you bought will most likely not fit in the rosewill challenger.

I wish you made a post before you bought the "bundle". So i could have helped you more(what case,fans,video card,etc.).
January 7, 2012 9:25:31 AM

I wish I knew about this website before I bought that combo, but I already bought it so i guess this will be a pretty good first rig. Main purpose was to play my skyrim at ultra 1920x1080p also get a little of overclocking here and there. Next rig which will be probably after this rig breaks (long time) Ill come back to these forms and ask what recommendations I should get. How much of an overclock do you think I'll be able to get with this setup?
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January 7, 2012 9:41:01 AM

Well if you get the 212, 4.2-4.5. But I dont think you will be able to fit it in the case.
January 7, 2012 9:48:07 AM

Hyper 212+ same size as evo so I think it will fit. Do you think overclocking would increase performance on Skyrim? I asked a youtuber who makes 1920 x 1080p skyrim gameplays and he pretty much has the same exact specs as me except for the mobo and he said that I will be able to run it on ultra without overclocking also he mentioned I wouldn't see any difference in fps if I overclocked higher is this true?
January 7, 2012 7:38:49 PM

Would it be stable to overclock at just 4.0ghz since that seems like the way to go. And also would I be able to run 4.0 with the stock cooler or should i get the 212

Thanks for the replies too I appreciate it. :D 
January 8, 2012 7:32:22 AM

Best answer selected by jarell420.
January 8, 2012 7:34:05 AM

Thank you dontqqnub for helping me with my questions seeing as your the only one that replied to this thread. I have built my computer and currently playing skyrim ultra 1920x1080p :D . My CPU is currently at stock voltage, but I plan to oc it later on. And also the Hyper 212 + and EVO DO fit inside the Rosewill Challenger Case. I will be posting pictures of my system later on this month just to show my first (successful) built computer.