New Build/Booting via esata Vista 64 i5-2500k

I'm trying to boot my system from my eSata 1 TB. I created an independent partition on the drive to accommodate this new build. I can boot up fine on my old system, I am using an esata to sata cable to do this. Plugging my esata drive directly into the mobos internal sata.

My old system is ASUS P5WD2 Premium
W/ intel pentium D EE

in the specs of my old mobo it says it has 4 internal sata I/II 3.0 gbs, I've been booting perfectly using my esata on this system for a few days. But now that I've got my new mobo and CPU I am having no luck at all booting from esata.

New system is MSI p67A-g45 W/ i5-2500k and Corsair 8gbs.
these specs will obviously accommodate sata everything. I know its not the mobo or the cpu, pretty sure its not the ram...

Above is the link to an older thread before I did research... or Am I still grasping at straws? Shouldn't I be able to boot up on my new system? If the esata was working with the older mobo's Sata I/II ports should it not work with my new mobo's sataII port? thanks
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