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For months I have had issues with my mouse discounting and connecting. First just gaming then all the time and more frequently. I thought a driver issue, I would update old drivers and it would go away but kept coming over time, update drivers again and it would go away again but would come back, over time more frequently. So researched and thought it was a Windows 7 thing. It has been real bad last 4 or 5 days couldn't use mouse at all, tried different mouses, tried different usb slots, changed the setting that let the computer turn of usb to save power. Yesterday made some registry changes that was like horizontal and vertical hd mouse smoothing or something like, not using that computer that have the changes so I can't reference. So I ordered a new mouse and a ps/2 converter to go with it and figured that would solve it. So I was playing Chess Titans today and noticed a smell of something burning then noticed my mouse cord was smoking and all melted. That has to be the psu right. I had a, is this good psu, to replace it with?

My system
windows 7 64
radeon hd 5970
i7 930
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  1. PSU probably somehow pushed more current through the cord then it was able to take without burning up. Unless the mouse itself was defective/ put together poorly.

    Granted Thermaltake is a pretty good brand, though that Corsair PSU should be better in terms of quality.
  2. The mouse with the melted cord im using right now on a different computer. But the mouse wasn't working on my other computer when it melted.
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