Running dual display while playing crysis2

My system is i7920@3.36GHz with hydro cooler, 12GB 1333MHz tripple channel RAM, 120GB sata 3 SSD, 500GB 7200rpm sata 3(storage), Gigabyte ex58-usb3(pcie sata 3 controller), dual MSI Fermi Cyclone GTX 460's, Win7 64, Top power 800W, Cooler master stacker 830 case.

I would like to be able to play in full screen and keep second monitor enabled so I can monitor GPU and CPU at the same time. Sometimes I can play in full screen with 2nd monitor enabled. Sometimes the system reverts back to playing games windowed and sometimes it keeps full screen up but 2nd dispaly goes black. Any ideas on how to keep full screen with 2nd display active? I can live with windowed play but my mouse sometimes jumps to the second display while the game is running.

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  1. Moderator please delete this thread. I reposted because i received and error stating it could not be posted yet here it is!!
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