Molex Connection for NZXT Sentry 2 power

I just got a NZXT Sentry 2 fan controller, and the power cable is a male Molex 4 pin connector.

I have a 4 pin Male Molex (only 3 pins in it) to 6 Pin PCI-e insert that connects to my PSU, so I can connect the two (male/male).

I just ordered a 4 pin female gender change Molex cable, its basically 2 female molex ends connected to each other.

Will this solve my problem? Or do i need to get another cable?

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    will work just fine, do you not have any regular molex conn. from psu ?
  2. I bought the PC from someone, and I never got the other connections I guess. I was a little upset to say the least, having to order more parts.

    Another Question:

    Where are the correct places to place the temp. sensors? I didn't want to put them on any of my hardware because of the tape but it seems thats the only place to put them...

    example: Can I put a heat sensor on the circuit board side of my video card? Or should I just put it on the heatsink? And if I put it on the heatsink should it be on the outside or inside of it? I have a after market fan/heatsink for my video-card.
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