Suggest Best Sound Card for my Logitech Z906 speakers

My specifications :
Board : Z68a GD80 (B3)
Speakers : Logitech Z906 (5.1 Channel)

Hello, First of all please let me know these things :o

1) what is Analog signal and Digital signal

2) my motherboard supports 92db of output so do you think if I purchase a new card will I experience Its features ?

3) If I use Optical cable rather than analog wires for my speakers will I gain any positive result ?

4) I first prefer this order Music >> movies >> gaming .. so what kind of card would you like to suggest me finally

Please bare with me I had spend lot of money till now but not completely satisfied .. Atleast this time I want to do good research :D
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  1. The Z906 is considered entry level for home theatre setups and no where near audiophile grade. Decent for gaming but scored less favorably for music. If you dont like the sound quality your getting from your PC you might get a little better sound from an Asus Xonar DG or an Essence ST 5.1 card

    1: An analog / digital signal is how the sound is delivered to the Z906. Analog refers to a moving electrical signal which only needs amplification before sending it to the speakers. A digital signal is 1 and 0's streamed to the Z906 which needs to convert it to an analog before sending it to the speakers. Digital tends to be the 'cleaner' signal.

    2:I'm not sure what spec you are referring to by 92dB. If thats signal to noise then its referring to how quiet 'quiet' is basically, compared to true sound being sent.

    3: you cant use optical cables to your speakers. Your speakers are analog 2 wire speakers. You can use optical cable from your pc to the z906 though.

    4: I am not an audiophile, I'm sure others will make suggestions and there are some knowledgable people here but Asus Xonar and HT Omega usually top the lists.
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  2. HI Popatim, Thanks for your patience,Q-1-293833-13.jpg

    Please check the above link .. My speakers having optical Ouputs ..

    let me know what kind of ouput is best from my speakers ? :)

    Yes I heard Asus Xonar ST and STX are famous .. But when I am surfing online I heard that I cannot use these cards since they dont have analog option :cry:

    Are you sure That I can work out ?

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  3. Can somebody tell me if I purchase ASUS Xonar Essence STX

    can I connect the card with Digital input (optical) which I am having on Z906 logitech speakers
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  4. After searching a lot I found this on net .. and finally choose xonar Dx

    Content from google :

    first of all, congrats to op for buying a nice speaker system! And where are the pics dude??
    I was expecting loads of pics in the thread!
    You can search for wall mount brackets online or you should be able to find the appropriate hardware at any electronics store.

    Now, I'll like to share something regarding Z906's connectivity:
    First of all, go for a good quality soundcard. I'd recommend, Asus xonar.
    Make sure, you go with one, which suits your needs. There are models which sports onboard DD and DTS (D2X) decoders.
    I've Xonar DX. Its good and drives my Z5500 nuts!
    For Z906, i'll suggest DX too! As Z906 packs inbuilt DD/DTS decoder, you can bypass the onboard sound processing by connecting your system with SPDIF.
    Remember, SPDIF, both coaxial and optical (toslink) only supports 2-channel PCM audio, 5.1 Dolby and 5.1 DTS. Generally, DVD's and BLurays contains
    5.1 Dolby and DTS, so the information is just sent to Z906. However, video games and windows application does not use Dolby or DTS. they mainly use 5.1 PCM.
    Since SPDIF cannot bring 6-channel PCM, you only receive stereo.
    However, there are stuff called Dolby Digital Live and DTS Connect. These stuff convert the 6-channel PCM into 5.1 Dolby and DTS respectively so you can enjoy
    5.1 sound from your games through SPDIF in Z906. These DDL and DTSC is an exclusive feature in X-Fi cards.
    Another thing i experienced with Z5500 and Z906 systems was that both perform excellently when connected in 6 channel direct analogue mode. Do remember,
    that if you are connecting your system digitally, then you're bypassing your onboard/soundcard's processing abilities. Not recommended, if you've sound cards like Xonar or X-Fi!
    They easily surpass the built in Z906/Z5500's processor quality!

    Okay, enough with "pravachans"!
    See, you need to be more discrete about how you like sound to be heard. These are THX certified speaker systems.
    Play out with different settings and try to achieve the best spatial arrangements for the satellites. Find a good spot to place your woofer.
    Do remember, if placed properly, Z906 will definitely give you the best and immerse movies and gaming experience. I did the same with mine Z5500, and trust me nothing beats it!
    Take your time and let Z906 brings you the whole new meaning of sound quality to your experience! Congrats once again pal. Post a detailed review w/t pics when you're done with setup and everything.


    After purchasing the card :

    If you buy the Xonar DX then all you need to do is use the 3.5mm to optical adaptor that comes with the sound card, then connect the optical cable to your speakers.
    Just set the speaker option in the asus control panel to 2 and select spdif out to dolby digital live, then click the option that says dolby prologic 2x, anything thats in real 5.1 will be untouched,
    anything in 2 channel e.g. music will be upmixed to 5.1 then encoded to dolby digital.

    That's all you need to do mate.


    Purchase this cable :

    Digital Optical Audio Toslink
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  5. manocool said:
    Can somebody tell me if I purchase ASUS Xonar Essence STX

    can I connect the card with Digital input (optical) which I am having on Z906 logitech speakers
    I have this sound card hooked to my Logitech Z-5500 with Digital opticial input on the volume pod so im sure you can also...The gentleman who said your system isnt audiophile material well he's just full of beans..This card will bring out the best your system has to offer...The card puts out 124 db and im flat out full volume & its so crystle clear its amazing..But you have to be careful im sure after a while your able to hurt your hearing & thats a fact...
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  6. You say the Z-906 isnt Audiophile grade well it sure has the Potential if you know what your doing..I have the logitech Z-5500 which is hooked to the Asus Xonar Essence STX sound card & thats in the Asus Sabertooth Z77 Motherboard.. there's several things you have to do & i can't see why this guy can't have the Audiophile touch. If you place all your speakers on stands and have them away from walls and objects then place your sub on a vibration damper and pick the right quality music and MP3 chuck it you need to make a flac fill with music with a very high bitrate...High bitrate music equals high defenition i have music with bitrates in the 8600 and at 124 bd its super loud & crystal clear at that volume you have to be careful you dont hurt your hearing and thats a fact...
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