Help Building a New Computer

I am building a new computer,please help me build it.

I normally only learn about computer hardware when i am buying or upgrading the hardware and then i lose track.So i might not know a few things though i have mentioned all my queries below.

I am trying to build a system that would last and as interconnected and wireless as possible.

I will be using it for :

Video Games
Video Editing
Audio Editing
Image Editing
Display forPC,TV,PS3
Heaphones for TV,PC,PS3,Phone(if Headphone are bluetooth)
Router for 2 home PC,1 phone,Media Server,PS3,TV(if Display is internet connected)
Dual Shock 3 Connection
Virtual OS operations
Hackintosh(So only Intel processors)
DLNA - Media Server,Android devices,Apple devices
Wireless File and Date Transfer to PC - Android with bluetooth to PC

Products and Technology :

CPUProcessor - 4-6 Cores,Overclock Support
Motherboard - PCE-E,USB,SATA,Ethernet,DVI,HDMI 1.4,Display Port,Wi-Fi,Bluetooth,Optical Audio,Integrated Card Support,Overclock Support,multi-GPU support
GPUGraphic Card - Memory,Multiple Display Support,3D Displays,Dual GPU,Resolution 1080p or better
HDD - 2 -3.5tb
RAM - 8+gb
Display - 24 -27inch,Resolution 1080p or more,Contrasts,Colors,DVI,Display Ports,HDMI,Wi-fi,USB,Bluetooth,Speakers,Headphones
Speakers - More Channels,Wireless Streaming
Headphones - Noise Cancellation,Microphone,Blue-tooth,Wireless,More Channels,Bluetooth,Battery Life
Router - Gigabit Ethernet,Wireless standard N.Good Wireless bandwidth,NAS,DLNA
Heatsinks and Coolers
Power Supply

Some Question's from my side :


Xeon gaming and normal apps - How is Xeon on Gaming and Normal PC applications?
i7 Extreme Sandy Bridge - Is this required for my usage and will it be worth it?
Core i7 First Gen Core systems - So Sandy Bridge Extreme Processors are very expensive but 970 and 980 6 core Westmere CPU's cost only $500.Is that a bargain and Is buying 1 year old processors good?

i7 2600K - Will this be enought for me?
i5 2500K - Will this be enought for me?

Core vs thread - so AMD vs Intel,AMD provides more Cores but Intel does threading.Whats the difference?
Duration Without Update - How long each of them will be enough to perform the heavy task applications,2-3 years?

Motherboard :

Sound Card - Is it Required or Motherboard will take care of it
Wi-Fi Card - Is it Required or Motherboard will take care of it
Blue-tooth Card - Is it Required or Motherboard will take care of it
SATA 3 and PCI-E 3
Duration Without Update - How long will this be enough to perform the heavy task applications,2-3 years?


Channels - How many channels is good?
Speed - Whats the difference between different 'mhz'?
Duratin Without Update - How long will this be enough to perform the heavy task applications,2-3 years?


Cores - I read this when checking out Nvidia Cards,they have 100's of cores.What do they mean?
Speed - How much is good as in 'hz'?
Bandwidth - How much bandwidth is good?
Duration Without Update - How long will latest GPU's be enough to perform the heavy task applications,2-3 years?


What Aspect ratio should the Display have as WEB is designed 4:3 and many movies have 21:9 ratio.
Do the multidisplays connection to GPU share resolution in output of do they have 2 x resolutions coming out of GPU?

Heatsinks and Coolers:

Are liquid Coolers really required?
Fans vs Liquid Coolers?
Are heatsinks required?
What all components can and should have heatsinks and cooler?I see them on RAM these days

Wireless :

Wireless Headphones,Keyboard,Mouse,Router - What does range in 'HZ' mean
Will different wireless technologies interfere with each other?

Speakers and Headphones - Standard - What do different Standards like dolby,true HD differ?
Power Supply - How Many Watts Should my Power Supply be and what all Sockets Should it have?
Keyboard - Do i need to my two keyboards? Ergonomic keyboards for typing and SonyApple Wireless keyboard or just one?
Mouse - Do i need to my two mouse? Ergonomic mouse for gaming and MicrosoftApple touch mouse or just one?
Optical Drive - Should I buy a Blu-ray Drive?
Webcam - I Don't Video Chat much and have iphone as a video chat,should it buy one?
Printer - I make alot of notes and i like them clean and formatted but should i go far to buy a printer on do it on paper and phone
Tablet or netbook or ultrabook - I have an iphone 64gb and will have a good PC.Is there a need for medium screen portable device?

Please Help in the following way:

Technology - As in what all tech is needed to make it possible like technical information like cores,wi-fi,pci express,aspect ratio,memory,etc

Products - Products on the market that will make it all possible like Intel,Nvidia,Evga,Asus,Apple,Cisco,etc and their different product lineup's.

Suggestions - Suggest what configurations will be good for my usage like xeon,core i extreme,core i7,12gb ram,etc
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  1. Check out sandybridge-e, the i7-3730k would fit your needs.
  2. Hackintosh.. yea, make sure you pick a motherboard that is hackintosh compatible.
    I haven't heard of any SBe's (socket 2011) motherboards running it yet but then I am not an apple fan to begin with. Good hunting to you.
  3. yea, just go check out the macs without xeons and build the exact system.

    xeons aren't worth it in a workstation.
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  5. I'd go with the i7 2600k. It's better for video editing and seeming you stated above you will be video editing it's worth it. If you were just gaming, i'd reccommend the i5. But for both, i7 2600k!

    What I'm using just now for video editing and it's fantastic. I went with the K version just to have the option to overlock, it was only an extra £10.
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