Screen turns black while CPU is still running

Hi guys, been having this issue for quite awhile and it's getting really irritating. My screen would randomly gets turned off and the CPU will still be running.

And it randomly happens, sometimes it might take 3 hours sometimes 10 minutes. Used to be black screen only (I'm using a 580 card), so I suspected it might be the gfx card problem and I went and RMA it. The company loaned me a temp card and it's having issues as well, but now not only black screen but sometimes blue, dark red with lines and some other weird display images. All of these while the CPU is still running.

I noticed sometimes (rarely) the CPU will fan would have a burst of full speed for a sec when the the screen goes black, red, etc. And sometimes my BIOS will reset itself too. I have tried taking out the CMOS battery and putting it back again but it's still the same.

Tried googling for this issue, there's a very similar issue being asked in this forum too:

But I have no rusty USB ports or whatsoever, I had just bought my motherboard last year (ASUS Sabertooth X58) and I hope it isn't my motherboard problem as changing motherboard will really be a pain in the ass >_>
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  1. what psu do you have?
    If you have availbale to you, try a GPU that doesnt need external power (ie does not have 6 or 8 pin connector)
  2. popatim said:
    what psu do you have?
    If you have availbale to you, try a GPU that doesnt need external power (ie does not have 6 or 8 pin connector)

    I'm using a 750watts OCZ PSU, I just changed my PSU as well, because of my previous PSU spoilt as well.

    The company loaned me a 5750 card, which uses only 3 pin connectors. I will change back to the 580 card (as I will collect it today as it's ready for collection already) and see if it happens again...but I really doubt is my gfx card problem though.
  3. I was thinking its a PSU problem but you changed it and OCZ 750 is a good unit.
    Let us know how the new card does
  4. Okay so far no problems, been playing Battlefield 3 and Diablo III beta for quite awhile now and no problems with the black screen.

    But I just tried turning on my PC today and the BIOS was resetted again. I'm now beginning to really think it's my motherboard issue already...any way to fix this BIOS issue?
  5. Just to update the far I don't experience the black screen issue anymore, but my BIOS keep resetting itself. I even changed my CMOS battery but it's still the same. Anyone here have any idea what's happening?
  6. Okay, just sent my mobo for RMA and the guy that tested out my mobo told me that the circuit in the mobo had totally gone haywire.

    Looks like it was really the mobo's fault, guess I got to wait for 4 weeks without a mobo, the distro for my mobo in my country doesn't have any stocks for LGA1336 boards for loan.

    Hope that when it's repaired (or exchanged for a new board) will solve this problem. Will update again when I get back my board.
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