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I am broke, but my computer just isnt going to make it much longer. It is a dell inspiron 530s. I just bring it up to show that there is no way to upgrade to make it last last gen. All I do on the computer is surf the web, homework and play World of Warcraft, so nothing too demanding. I have been used to playing it the last 2 years on my subpar machine at low setting, so im not worried about haveing things on ultra. for what im thinking of building, i am sure it wont be able to, and im ok with that. Im not concerned with being future proof either, i just need something to last me a while like this computer did till its time to build another one. I know building my own is the only way to go, looking at bestbuy and other places, the prebuilts are crap! This is what I came up with after a week of scouring newegg for gear that looks amazing and reviewed well.

What do you think? I am hoping to reuse my current hard drive and operating system. I cant remember the hard drive atm, will look to make sure it will work.
Will I be able to just swap the HD and have it work?
Thank You for your time!
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  1. I am also planning on reusing my geforce 430 untill i can get a new card. Like I said before though, I understand its not going to be a killer machine, but im sure it will kick the heck out of ol gurtrude with her 1.8ghz. Thank yo again!
  2. Yes its good. Even if your old HDD is ide the board have ide connection. Yes put the old HDD in this new build and all will be fine.
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  4. guess i should have filled it out like you guys wanted me too, sorry about that.

    Approximate Purchase Date: Probably as soon as i wake up and check comments to make sure im not making a big mistake.

    Budget Range: honestly there is no budget, the more i get the longer im eating cup o noodle, but it has to be done.

    System Usage from Most to Least Important: All i really do is homework, look at, and play world of warcraft. I wanted to try rift and swtor, but my current comp will not run them. thank god activision loves money and they kept wow pretty easy to run. I also got locked into the year deal with wow to get Diablo 3 for free, so i would like to be able to run that too :)

    Parts Not Required: keyboard, mouse, monitor, hopefully hard drive.

    Preferred Website(s) for Parts: newegg, unless you know of somewere cheaper

    Country: USA! USA! USA!

    Parts Preferences: my only preference was bang for my buck. I didnt want cheap stuff that was going to fall apart, i could have been in the $200 if i was trying that, but i need something that will last me a little while till the economy improves and i can go back to blowing money again.

    Overclocking: have never done it, but i am interested. I think that this setup will be such a huge jump that i wont have to even think about it for a while, but i would like that option.

    SLI or Crossfire: WoW doesnt benefit from it, so not really, the board i picked out will do it, but its not a big plus or minus to me.

    Monitor Resolution: i have never really played with it, just plugged in monitor and went with it. i guess i should have been paying more attention to it to maximize what little performance i will be getting. so any suggestions would be great. I am using a dell 20 inch widescreen.

    Additional Comments: Like i said before, i just need something new to me, not the industry. I am ok with not having the "insert name here" chip and board. Im ok with good settings and not ultra. ive been playing on fair and low, so anything is really going to be an improvement.
  5. Well no one objected with a lot of views, only one person said something and i was hoping for more feedback though, so i pulled the trigger. $330.81 shipped to the house. with $15 in Mir to come back. if i didnt live in CA it would have been cheaper and i could have gotten the 500w PS. o well, the warehouse is only 1.5 hours from me, so i should get my stuff tuesday :) if it werent for only haveing to pay like $5 for shipping, i would have went and picked it up myself, but for $5 ill let ups spend the money on gas!
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