Gtx 570 MSI twin razor III problem

I just bought the msi 570gtx OC iii,installed it on my pc i upgraded my 4800 ati series msi....and i have this problem,my screen is a 23inch LG lcd screen,running at 1920x1080p on my previous i just installed it got the drivers ready,but it seems there's a problem with my resolution unable to go higher than 1200x1080 and with max settings at 1600x1200p,it dosen't show me the option to go over to 1920x1080p and even if i try to go 1600x1200 or 1600x1080p it says sdub out of siq range...what's the problem here?the card is brand new....anything i did wrong?
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  1. any1?
  2. I honest have no clue, it sounds like a driver issue to me. Switching from AMD to nVIDIA is pretty tough and requires a complete driver sweep.
  3. oh :/ so format again? :(
  4. A re-format would be the last step. Try some software first; I hear DriverSweeper is good. Pair that with CCleaner and give it a try.
  5. Make sure drivers for both the graphic card and monitor are up to date

    Make sure the refresh rate that is used when changing resolutions is supported by your monitor
  6. do you use both card together if not did you uninstall the ati driver before install of the nvidia one
  7. so,i reinstalled win7 clean,nothing on it.Same thing,the new 570gtx can't detect my screen flatron w2361v 23'inch LCD screen,it say's Generic Non-PnP monitor,and it says optimal resolution 1024x768... did i do smthing wrong on the gpu installation need help pls!
  8. whichever res i try to use,above the recomended it says dsub out of range...
  9. any1?rly need some help out here.. :(
  10. Monitor issue then? Are there drivers for your monitor?
  11. vista,can't install them...
  12. i deleted those i had atm,so i'm sitting at Display Device on:VGA
  13. i didn't had any problems with my old graphic card,no drivers needed or whatsoever... i just installed the 570gtx and got this...
  14. any1?still can't fix it
  15. Did you plug the monitor into the graphics card correctly?
  16. i have my d-sub cable plugged into an adopter which was delivered with the msi card,because the d-sub didnt fit into the graphic card slot,so i have it on with an adapter,the pc is working,but the resolution is blurry, and it can't go higher than 1024x768
  17. If I understand you correctly, you need to purchase a digital cable or HDMI if you have it. That should work.

    Also "Generic PNP Monitor" works just as good for me. I run a Samsung Syncmaster PX 2370 Monitor and just having the windows Generic is better than having bloated drivers anyway.
  18. D-Sub? Jesus, I didn't even know people still use those. That could very well be your issue right there.
  19. what cable do i need then,for the lcd screen have 2 more slots 1 of those is HDMI and the other 1 dvi-d
  20. should i use the dvi-d cable or the hdmi?
  21. Video Output Function
    Dual-link DVI x 2
    Mini HDMI x 1
    VGA(Optional, via DVI to D-Sub adapptor)
    HDMI(Optional, via Mini HDMI to HDMI dongle)
    say's on the msi site,isn't that supposed to mean that it can work with a d-sub to dvi cable?
  22. i tryed connection the lcd dvi cable to the gpu dvi slot,but didnt work for some reason...
  23. You should use the DVI connection. It sounds like your monitor may be the issue now. Perhaps try a different monitor to test theory?
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