HELP! Broken DDR3 Memory slot lever

I just re-seated one of my DDR3 sticks into the Memory slot in my ASUS P8z77-v LK motherboard. However, I noticed that one of the plastic levers on the side of the slot (the ones that click when the RAM is properly seated and that you have to push to be able to remove the RAM) was flimsy and didn't click.

Suspicious, I tried to push said plastic lever to remove my RAM (I thought I had just not seated in properly), only to find that the lever was flimsy and did not push the RAM out; instead, it seems to have gotten detached from the memory slot and provides no action when pushed.

The RAM seated fine and my computer works perfectly. However my question is this: How should I go about removing my RAM in the future, if one of the levers is broken? I don't want to just yank out the stick, as I fear that could damage the slot itself. Is there any alternate way to remove RAM if one of the levers fails to push the stick out?

Here is a link to a gallery of my motherboard so that you can have an idea of the hardware I'm dealing with:
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  1. Since only one side is damaged when you want to remove the stick of memory click the other side and pull up from both ends of the memory stick. It should be a snug fit so you will put a little effort into it. Just think of removing a Video card from the PCI-E 16x slot it works the same way.
  2. Some catches work in a way that as you push one down and the RAM stick pops-up completely out of the socket, the other side losens at the same time... so, if the still good side is the right one, it shoud losen the bad side as well. If this is not the case with your motherboard, release the good side and grab the RAM stick from that side using it as a lever to losen the bad side while pulling up on it..

    From the photos the catches/levers look different on each side, so they may be the type and work as I described.
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