A8ae-le and radeon aeh4350 card

Someone mentioned in here that the 2005 presario with the subject mobo was fine with the above card. Ive been having problems with higher end card to work. its a PCI-E 1x16 and the card is 2.0. But someone said it would work.
Any comments? or confirmations before i buy
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  1. The radeon is a 2.1 card i think ( didn't check ) sometimes they give problems in a 1.0 slot. With a 2.0 card the risk is less.
  2. Whoops, wrong there, it is a 2.0 card.
  3. Have to take a better look. Be back.
  4. Well you have a 1.0 mobo, so i would stay away from 2.1 cards.

    The 4350, being a 2.0 card, should work with your mobo. But i heard a moderator say amd came up with the 2.1 numbers because of compatibility problems with other cards, so i'm not completely sure it will work. What high end cards you tried before ?

    You remember who stated it will work ?
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