Problem with my nvidia graphics card

hey my graphic card is showing some unusual problem when it is connectrd with my pc them after few times my comp lost its video output to my monitor,,,,
so can any body can please help to solve my problem
i hav nvidia gt force n9400gt
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  1. First we need to know a couple things...

    1)full system specs

    2) describe your problem better
  2. 1) MY system SPECS

    i hav a desktop with a lg monitor and my cpu is an accembled one so here are the details

    system model- G31-M7 TE
    system type - x86based pc
    processor- intel(R) Core(tm)2 duo cpu E7300@ 2.66 GHZ, 2667MHZ,2 core(s), 2 logical processor.
    bios version- american megatrends inc 080014,29-07-08-2008
    RAM- 2.00GB
    STORAGE- 1tb seagate and 160 gb seagate.
    video- msi nvidia 9400gt moig gefoce.


    hey buddy whenever my graphic card is connected to the system . my pc works for a certain time them suddenly my monitor losts it display but my processor and other keeps on runn...

    but when i removed my graphic card and runs my pc them my pc works properly ........

    so please help me i am facing this problem from 2 months.......
  3. power supply make and model?

    Its either your psu is failing or your gfx card is failing, likely the GPU, RMA it or replace it... thats the only solution
  4. do you have hdd sleep/power saving enabled in windows?
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