Is i5 IVB CPU compatible with the board i was looking into??

Ive been about to buy and build a decently new computer. Just been holding off. Was going to buy the 2nd generation intel i5 and the board below, but with IVB supposedly coming out the 23rd ive been waiting, my question is, will the board below that i was going to use for the 2nd generation i5 work with the new Ivy bridge i5 (core i5-3570k)???
i appreciate whoever can actually help. thanks
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  1. no the z68 platform only supports second gen sandy bridge

    go for a motherboard with the z77 platform
  2. Hello imonlymyself;

    That P8Z68-V LE with BIOS ver 0702 is Ivy Bridge Ready.
  3. yeh work fine.
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  5. ok, thanks, i found this one at $145. i dont have a ton of money to throw at it, so really wanna stay under $150 for the board, $200 at the very most.
  6. wow, i posted to the only 1 reply i had at the time and then there were the rest of ya's after i replied hehe.
    Would the Z77 $145 dollar board i posted above be better than the first board i posted at the top? only a $13 dollar difference
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    ASUS P8Z77-V LK is a CFX/SLI motherboard.
    Nice upgrade for $13. Recommended.
  8. yeh, i think i'll go for that. if you dont mind i'd like to ask another question about memory. ive always got Kingston, ive heard alot of good things about G.skill. what memory would you recommend?? keeping around the $50 mark dual channel 4g sticks and around the $90 mark for quad channel 4g sticks.

    BTW, i really appreciate your time and help.
  9. Get low profile DDR3 1600MHz 1.5V so that your cooler will fit over them.
    will do
  10. I like Kingston's HyperX and G.Skill is a good choice too.

    G.Skill Ares / RipJawsX / HyperX Blu
  11. thank you guys tremendously. if anyone else wants to weigh in, feel free to. i think i got a good idea what i plan to get now. but always could change my mind.
  12. Yes but also rather pointless. You want a Z77 if only for Lucid MVP and faster RAM speeds.
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