8600GTS Display issue

I bought this card off Ebay thinking I was getting a decent deal. The card came with no heat sink as the old owner was using a water cooling set up. I bought a decent zalman universal sink for it installed it, and installed the card to make sure it works. The following screenshots are what I saw on boot.

Seeing as the old owner was using a water cooling setup I imagine this card was running pretty fast. Is this a symptom of being overheated? Or possibly water damage?

I have an identical card that works just fine. I am thinking there is something wrong with this one. Is it fried? Is it repairable? Anyone who is more knowledgeable please point me in a direction. Thanks for viewing!
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  1. Looks like it's totally fxxxxx. :(
  2. It looks like XFX offers a double lifetime warranty(original owner and second owner), offer only is good if the product is registered within 30 days. Hopefully the original owner has done this, I may stick with XFX products if this gets honored.
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