Ram for Gigabite 970A UD3 Mobo, AMD 8120, 240Gb SSD

I've been researching RAM for a little project. I'm at a point where I think I'll just buy 8Gb of cheap RAM,LOL.

I have some extra Kingston DDR3 1600. Before you ask I had 16Gb in the current machine(AMD Phenom II) because I thought I could create a RAM disk. I bought first, thought second. Shelved the RAM disk Idea quickly. So I'm leaving 8Gb in the media PC (current machine) and I still have 8Gb.

The Mobo will support up to 2033(I think)OC, however from what I've gathered even 8Gb might be overkill. I'm not much of a gamer, Microsoft FS (two thousand something). I am retired and surf the net hours at a time, and just love to have lots of windows open(is 50 to many :) ) Often messing with pics and video but that's about it.

So will I see any appreciable difference in OCing some high end RAM? BTW is one 8Gb strip better then 2x 4Gb?

Thanks in advance!!!!

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  1. You wont really see much of a difference in overclocking your ram; not coming from 1600.

    two 4gb sticks is better than a single 8gb stick because the memory controller will be able to go into dual channel mode.
  2. TYVM, you confirm the feeling I was getting from reading others post. Seems Over Clocking is primarily for gaming machines where those last few percent of performance ARE noticeable. Even a couple of Frames makes a noticeable difference.

    The question regarding the size of a stick of RAM came from a thought that rather then moving back and forth between sticks, all the memory duties would be in one place and have less distance. BTW I have wondered for some time why memory slots were different colors, now finally realizing that is what dual channel is, LOL.

    Thanks again for your time. I need to get to the social security administration before they run out of money :)

  3. I have the same board, make sure you get 1.5V RAM!
  4. TYVM. I've installed the two 4Gb sticks, however one shows 2Gb. Will problems ever end, LOL.
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