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Need help deciding on the price vs. performance

Hi all,
I'm a newbie when it comes to computer hardware so I'd really appreciate any advice on the following questions. I'm trying to get a gaming PC but I'm on an extremely tight budget so I'm not looking for top line specs. I have quite a few questions so any input on any or all of the questions is much appreciated.

Question 1

I noticed that ATI and AMD are *significantly* cheaper than nVidia and Intel. But when I checked the benchmarks on I found the AMD Quad Core to have a score of 5461.0 and the i5-2400 to be a 6152.0. Similarly, the HD 6850 has a 2735.0 and the GTX 560 (non-Ti) to be 2722.0. So my question is, given that I'm trying to get a gaming PC, is it worth spending an extra $100 just to get a better CPU?

Question 2

I've come up with these specs for a price tag of $638 (AUD).
AMD A8 3850 Quad Core Fision APU, 2.9 GHz, 4MB Cache, Socket FM1, 32nm
All-in-one AMD A75 (Hudson D3) Chipset Motherboard (comes with Integrated HD 2100)
Want to get a Ati HD 6850 (1G)

I have a few questions about the hardware:

1. How does the HD 6850 compare to the CPU? Will the CPU bottle neck the GPU?

2. Can I disable the Integrated HD 2100? Will it affect the HD 6850 in terms of how well it runs? Will having the integrated card make the motherboard die sooner?

Question 3

My final question is about the longevity of the AMD and Ati brands, not in terms of performance but rather how good the quality of the hardware is? Will they die sooner than the Intel/nVidia combo? I heard the AMD heats up much more and therefore dies sooner?

Also, if you have any advice on the appropriate PSU and cooler/case that would be very much appreciated.

Many thanks,
kdon 27
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  1. Some of your questions are kind of ridiculous, if AMD's longevity wasn't any good then they wouldn't be in business. Will the integrated graphics make the motherboard die sooner? LOL, ummmm no.

    If your going to use a video card, there's no reason to buy a A8 and A75 motherboard, your paying mostly for the graphics that are built in.

    If you have a video card installed, the integrated graphics are automatically disabled.

    I'd suggest AM3+ motherboard and FX4100 or i3-2120 and H61 for budget gaming builds.

    No modern cpu is going to bottleneck a single graphics card.

    A good budget case is the Antec 300 or Haf 912.

    A decent psu for your setup would be a 450w or better 80+ certified model of Antec, Corsair, XFX, Seasonic, OCZ, Enermax.

    Not sure what "integrated HD2100" means, the A8-3850 comes with HD6550D integrated graphics.
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    The HD 2100 series graphics are from the old AMD 740g Socket AM2 series motherboards which would not be applicable in this situation.

    As Geek stated, AMD A8 3850 Quad Core Fision APU has graphics built into it. You would be better off with a Socket AM3+ motherboard and AM3+ CPU to match, or A Core i5 and z68 motherboard.

    It is not exactly true for all motherboards than when you install a video card it automatically disables the integrated. It depends on the default settings in the BIOS. Some are set to "auto", others are not.

    I also agree on the 450w or better PSU. Just make sure it is indeed at least 80 plus certified.

    As to the longevity question, I have had both AMD and Intel machines that have lasted 10 years at least.
  3. I've been blasted for recommending FX chips? Really?

    A FX-4100 is $100 and it performs like a $100 chip. Great budget build and it's all the cpu you need for a single graphics card. You'll be gpu limted before your cpu limited. Period.

    By the way I offered 2 budget suggestions, AMD and Intel, so don't get your fanboys panties in such a wad.

    I've built six FX-4100 machines in the last month, every one of them hit's 4.5 and they perform pretty decent at that speed, although it's not needed with a single graphics card.
  4. Wow, did you take your meds after school today?

    It doesn't matter if it sucks, he's running a single 6850, he could run that with a Athlon II.

    Maybe ya missed the part about "extremely tight budget".

    He can easily choose the i3-2120 that I suggested for him, just keep your panties on.
  5. There are plenty of sites that recommend it for budget builds.

    Legit Bottom Line: The AMD FX-4100 didn't top the charts when it comes to CPU performance, but the low price and solid overclocking results make it a decent chip for those looking for a budget system build.

    Not that bad for gaming

    Kdon27, pm me if you have more questions. I'm done with this mental clown.
  6. Quote:
    you should have just stayed with the i3-2120 suggestion or go Phenom II still.


    lol malmental
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