3D Gaming, worth it??

I'm really thinking about going after work to buy a 3D screen & glasses..

For any who have tried it, is it fun? I've heard good things. Plus I would be using HD3D from AMD incase you have any input?
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  1. i personally dont enjoy the 3d effect, it gives me a headache after a while, 120hz monitors however are great, i used one for a while and even without the 3d it was just smoother to my eyes
  2. Interesting. By default, don't most games run at 60hz still? I imagine you'd have to force the increase in hz using your graphics utility?
  3. Games run at the highest frame rate your system is capable of, or the maximum refresh rate of your monitor. Whichever comes first.

    As the previous poster said, 120Hz (a/k/a 3D) monitors are great for gaming, even in 2D if your computer is capable of supporting the higher frame rate for the games which you play. Even people who really enjoy the 3D most likely use it less than 50% of the time.

    It is widely accepted that Nvidia Stereoscopic 3D is quite a bit ahead in terms of driver performance than AMD HD3D, so if you are adamant about 3D gaming, I would definitely recommend an Nvidia setup.

    And remember, rendering two perspectives at once is the same thing as rendering twice the resolution in terms of what it requires to perform.
  4. Thanks for the replies.

    Plus Nvidia's SLI is compatible with 3d, Crossfire isn't. I'd prefer Nvidia for several reasons, kinda regretting going AMD at this point. But I don't really have a choice other than to stick with it. My thought is get the 3d gear now, if I want to upgrade and switch to Nvidia later, I've already got the screen & glasses.

    Are you sure about FPS? I've heard a couple times that windows forces the system to max at 60 hz, and that going beyond would have to be forced through a graphics utility.
  5. Yes, when its in 3D it forces max 60hz (60hz per eye), Since you need v-sync to syncronize the image to the correct side of the glasses.
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