Is this Temp normal for an Intel Pentium Dual Core E220?

Hey Guys,

Is this Temps normal for a 65nm Intel Pentium Dual Core E2200 2.2 Ghz (Not OC)?

65*C- Idle
85*C- Max Load

I got this CPU since 2008 using the stock cooler of the CPU. I was wondering if the temperature is normal for this CPU. Right now its Summer...

I also plan to replace the thermal paste in the CPU. What is the best Thermal Paste out there?
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  1. Without overclock, those temps are very high.
    The best Thermal Paste (from reviews previously read - haven't read any in a few months) is Antec Formula 7 nano-diamond but it is pricey! The most popular is Arctic Silver 5, nearly as good (w/i a few degrees)
    Price Difference: Antec = $27/4gram Arctic Silver $21/12gram
    I can't speak for the AS 5 but from experience with Antec Formula 7 - it's thick, takes a little practice (and patience) to get on smooth - they do include a little plastic spatula though.
  2. when was the last time you dust the system off you could use arctic cooling mx-4 for this is also good
  3. i use Arctic Silver 5 on all my builds and on friends comps remember it will take a bit to cure so you wont see temp drops right away

    that is very high temps unless your ambient temps are high like 50c what kind of air flow do you have in the case all that is really needed is 1 fan sucking in the front and one blowing out the more air the better i am running 4 80cfm fans all together so im pushing alot of air also check your cpu cooler look for dust under the fan if there is dust then the cpu fan is blowing air on a blanket of dust and not getting to the cpu cooler fins the way it should easy fix just take the fan off and clean the dust off
    then replace your fan then look at your temps if you have done that and your still getting those temps cheack to make sure the cpu cooler is seated right all screws are in and it dont move at all make sure its getting good contact with the cpu if it is time for some paist and a reset

    thats about all
  4. Thanks for the answers Guys. Will check one of those Paste if I see them in the store...

    My PC pretty sucks. Its an 08' Build with a Very Very Cheap Case. I have one 120mm Blue LED Fan in the front of the case that serve as an intake and a 60mm fan at the back as exhaust. My PSU also kinda serve as an exhaust because of its 120mm fan under it. The Case has Top Mount PSU btw. despite of the cheap case I was able to do a decent enough cable management on this build but it barely helped at all. Hopefully the paste would fix things up...

    I usually clean my PC up. It never really gets that dirty. I think this CPU has been like this for a long time because I feel that the System slows down when using the CPU at load. I can't even watch 1080p format vids on this because it lags... :(
  5. give that case name and model to see if you could made some change on the fan for better air flow
  6. It doesn't even have a name. :|

    anyways, my CPU runs at 50*C now. I will replace the thermal compounds and see what I get.

    btw. How long does a thermal compound last until it needs to be replaced?
  7. stock thermal or oem are better if you replace them after a few years that depend on the paste itself andif the system start to heat up then you cpu will be happy with new paste,you could also start to look for a new case with better air flow that will help
  8. Thanks for info. Sorry for asking multiple questions but how do i remove the paste residue Of the old thermal compound?

    Also offtopic question. Will pc boot if no internal speaker is plugged in the mobo?
  9. a good video it will boot but you wont get any poast beeep if something go wrong
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