GTX 560-Ti not running as it should be?

Today I installed my new MSI GTX 560-Ti (1GB) card, along with my new 850 Watt Corsair PSU. However, I don't think my card is running as it should be. First of all I started up WoW / World of Warcraft, seeing as it picks out what recommended settings are, and still they remain "Good" and "Low" in some areas.
I've installed the disc that came along with the card, and also downloaded the latest drivers from Nvidia. I've no idea what's up, any ideas?

I've got a X4 955 BE and 4GB ram.
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  1. I dont play wow but similar things happen in other games

    example, cod blackops & mw3 - if I let the game select optimal settings they are not maxed out but I know I can get great fps when running on max settings.. dont use recommended settings if you feel the card should be capable of more - try upping the settings manually, have a play around with the settings until you find something you are happy with

  2. Thing is, i've tried that, I whacked things up to Ultra, yet my fps remains around 30 and is quite choppy. Hope it wasn't a waste of time and money, i've had enough trouble today installing the PSU. :s

    I've tried re-installing drivers from the disk I recieved, yet it keeps saying "The graphics driver could not find compatible graphics hardware".

    Both pins are in the GPU, If they weren't, I doubt i'd be able to see much.
  3. did you follow the process of uninstalling the previous drivers:

    1. uninstall 3d drivers and physx via control panel/uninstall program
    2. delete certain Nvidia folders in windows explorer (which folders will depend on your OS version)
    3. device manager - uninstall GTX 460 drivers
    4. reboot in safemode and run driversweep to remove traces of nvidia drivers left over
    5. optional - i run cccleaner at this stage to remove crap from recycle bin
    6. reboot in normal mode and install new driver


  4. In the process of doing so now, i've uninstalled and rebooted my PC. I'm not sure what Driversweep is, do I download it?

    I'll fire up CCCleaner and see if that helps too. Hope it works, thanks for the tips, pal!
  5. download driversweeper, just google it.all you need to do is install driversweeper, reboot in safe mode, and run it to uninstall display drivers. you may also need to reinstall WOW.
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