HD 4870 Windows boot problem

I upgraded to GTX 560 Ti so I decided to put the old 4870 to my second pc. Now it starts up fine but when the "starting windows" screen appears it hangs on there. The animation stops and after a while screen goes black. I don't know if it still boots fine because the hard drive is still operating. I tried with older card (X1300) and it works perfectly. I tried to install 4870 drivers with X1300 but still nothing. I was thinking that is the card too new? :) Could the pci-e 1.x and 2.0 cause problems even if they say that it's backwards compatible? I have 500w Chieftec psu and all power cables plugged in.
Mobo is MSI MS-7184 and Athlon 64 3400+ cpu. Card is Sapphire HD 4870 1Gb. PSU is pretty new. Other parts are very old but you could still play some games with better graphics gard.
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  1. Quote:
    PCi-E 2.0 has no problems with 1.0
    Do this, get into safemod the completely clear the previous drivers, then install the drivers again for the 4870 normally
    I can try that. Actually I faced the problem first time after windows install when the computer restarts and boots first time from hdd and windows finalizes settings. Screen went black and I couldn't do anything so I had to finish the installation with X1300. The installer worked fine with 4870 but not when booting from hard disk.
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