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Can this ram work?

i have a asrock 970 extreme 4 am3+ and i have ddr3 1600 ram 8gb i looked and the mobo only says 1600oc does that mean it will or wont be able to support my memory
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    That means the motherboard supports up to DDR3 1333Mhz in normal clock and 1600Mhz RAM with Memory(OC) over clocked (or even higher).. but 1600 RAM will work at 1333 MHz if you do nothing to overclock it.
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    1866MHz RAM will work, what speed it will work at, may depend on the processor and/or overclocking. It will work at 1333Mhz which is the motherboard speed with the most basic processor. It may work at 1866 with the most basic processor if memory is overclocked in the BIOS,... or it may work at 1866Mhz with a faster processor at default BIOS settings... so the memory clock speed can depend on the processor and/or BIOS overclocking.
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