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What does SYNC DATA TRANSFER and DISCONNECT mean in cd properties and should they be checked?
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  1. If you right-click on each one in turn, you'll see that they apply to SCSI drives. With my IDE CD-ROM drive installed, these items are grayed out and unavailable on my Properties page. Are you loading the DOS real-mode driver in your AUTOEXEC.BAT file? If so, many of those drivers have an ASPI layer that, while not actually SCSI, shares some of the same characteristics, and your system may be seeing the drive as SCSI. CD- and DVD-ROM drives may hook up to the IDE channel and cable, but strictly speaking they have an ATAPI interface. That's why you need to load drivers to have access in DOS -- or in Windows setup, for that matter. Many of those drivers were written by Adaptec, and have their roots in the SCSI world. In your Properties/Driver tab, does it show Provider: Microsoft? It should, assuming you have Win98/ME. If not, you're using a model-specific driver. Can you access the drive in Explorer, install software, play music, etc?
  2. In Properties page all 3 are available to check or uncheck. No driver in DOS,am using Microsoft drivers and can access in Explorer.
    I recently formatted HDD and reinstalled Win98 and it automaticaly checked the DISCONNECT and AUTO INSERT boxes.
    I have an Abit BH6II MB. It says to use a 80 wire ATA/66 cable for my CDROM and Writer. It also checked the Ultra DMA box. Everything seems to be working great with all those checked.
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