Using DSL modem to transmit longer distance instead of Ethernet

I had a requirement where I have to send the internet connection over 100m.
As Ethernet supports clear transmission only upto 100m, I came up with this new idea (only in papers untill now). I believe RJ11 cables (normal telephone line) would be able to carry signals over longer distance as in ADSL broadband.

The idea is to plug the Ethernet cable which is already connected to internet source into ADSL modem. This ADSL modem will be connected to another ADSL modem which is at a longer distance away(let us say more than 100m or so.) The output of the latter ADSL modem will be connected to a computer/router which requires an internet connection.

I do not have any DSL modems as of now to test these.

Does anybody have technical reasons to prove its feasibility. or not?
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  1. What about a 4 port switch every 100m? Wouldn't that be cheap and easy? There are extenders and repeaters which are made for this, but doen't a switch perform a repeat function?

    As for the dsl modem to dsl modem, I can't answer that. I suspect it would do nothing. In the old days of modems and ISDN linkups, you had to make one a caller and the other a host. If you direct connected them, the patch cord had to be modified, to say nothing of the line voltage that needed to be provided by another source.
  2. Won't work. Use switches.
  3. Quote:
    Won't work. Use switches.

    Switches are the optimal solution. But a powercable has to be drawn along with the datacable.
    It would be difficult to do that if the distance is around 250m or over.

    Could there be an alternate solution?
  4. Wireless.
  5. Wireless, repeaters, or switches are pretty much your options at this point in time.
  6. The problem you face is that there isn't a DSL modem at the phone company that yours connects to. You'll need to have the host switching that the phone company provides at the other end of the twisted pair copper that runs from your phone to the pole. You can plug your two DSL modems into each other but they'll never talk to each other and share information back and forth. The modems also won't provide any power to the connection, which again is what Ma Bell provides.
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    I'd suggest you look into a pair of fiber transceivers and use those instead. We have the exact same issue and its what we had to do until we upgraded some of our distribution layer equipment to use GBICs. Bonus is that you can maintain your 100Mbps or even 1Gbps connection speed over the fiber line rather then having to worry about downgrading your speed.
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    Does Wireless provide enough coverage.? 802.11g theoretically mentions 38metres and 802.11n is 70metres. :non:
    Practically, much lesser will be the values.
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