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Hey everyone. I'm new here. Quick question. My Dell XPS 420 came with 3 gb of memory. I have upgraded the power supply to a 650 watt unit and am upgrading the graphics card to a Geforce GTX660 tomorrow. My question is, do I need to bump the memory to 4? I don't believe I can go above that as I have a 32 bit OS of windows 8. Preciate the help.
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  1. Hello geid98, :hello:

    Yes, you can upgrade to 4GB. Well, your system supports a maximum memory of 8GB regardless of the OS limitation. If you need more than 4GB of memory all you need to do is run (install) a 64Bit of Current OS (windows 8). If you are using the system for basic stuffs and nothing memory intensive then anything between 2GB-4GB should be fine else if you are into CAD or video rendering or gaming etc then 8GB should be pretty good.

    Check the following link for memory upgrade options:

    Good luck with the upgrade!!
  2. No, you don't need the 4GB because 1) you have 32-bit OS as you say 2) There is not much different between 3GB and 4GB.
    Read the reviews.

    Also you don't need the 650W PSU for the GTX660, it is over kill. You only need the 450W PSU like this: COOLER MASTER GX 450W. If you in USA, is for sale
    PSU review
    GTX660 PSU requirement
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