Hi, I have a SR5518F Compaq, it's about 2 years old, I found out it was very cheap like $300 but with a managers discount. I replaced:
- it’s motherboard with a Gigabyte H55M-S2
- It’s Intel Pentium Dual-Core E2180 with a Intel Core i3 530 socket 1156 @ 2.93 ghz, 4 mb L3 cache
- It’s Intel graphics media accelerator 3100 with a NVIDIA GeForce 9500 GT

Plus 4MB of ddr3 RAM, windows vista home.

I am wondering if everything is working together properly, they told me at the store it's not really a PC to be replaced with better parts, but I DID get a slightly better motherboard (i think). My graphics card fan broke once, and now it broke again, and I can hear that there’s something fucked up in the case that has 1 side removed.
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  1. I'm not sure what you are asking. If it works it works. The only moving parts inside the system are the fans. If they are free of obstruction then they should be fine. Just make sure no cables are placed in such a manner that they can cause problems with them.
  2. Are you asking for help about what keeps breaking the fans on your GPU? Or are you asking if your up grades are causing the GPU fans to break because they told you this computer can't be upgraded and you did anyway? Like jyjjy said make sure that nothing in the case is touching the fan. If wires hit the fan it could break. Are the fans breaking apart in pieces? or are they making a noise and then they stop working. How many watts are your PSU?
  3. I already bought the cpu and motherboard for it when I asked as i was getting my os. no there doesn't seam to be any wires touching it.

    sorry I wasn't sure if I was going to get an answer, I woulda wrote twice as much.

    When I play games like counterstrike source or fallout 3, any high demand graphics game, the computer freezes and on reboot i get the blue screen of death.

    since my fan recently broke after about 2 weeks of making noise, it's completely fuckered and still making noise. I figure it's the fans problem, but I want to make sure my rig is clocked all right, like don't some things need to be the same Hz ?

    I'm looking at CPU-Z and there's way too many numbers to figure out if the hardware is all working properly.

    The graphics card I got was $70 on sale and it was the last one, but it definitely should have been worth my money.

    What about this one ?
  4. I'm not sure what PSU is DM186 ahah :P
  5. If the fan on your video card is broken that would cause it to overheat when you play games, hence the blue screens/rebooting.
    If you are still using the original PSU from the Compaq SR5518F then it is 250w which is very low. You aren't going to be able to use cards much better than the one you have now unless you replace it.
  6. Get gpu z
  7. PSU is your power supply. I had a GT 250 for my old Dell and after a year the fan went bad so I upgraded to GT 430 with duel fans. The reason my old GPU fan went bad is because of the heat and the fan not big enough. What I am saying if you are going to do a lot of gaming is look for a card that has duel or one big fan. Those little ones don't last to long at all.
  8. DM186 said:
    I had a GT 250 for my old Dell and after a year the fan went bad so I upgraded to GT 430 with duel fans.

    There is no GT 250 to my knowledge. If you meant GTS 250 then the GT 430 is actually a very large downgrade in terms of gaming performance. If you meant GT 240 it's still a decent sized downgrade as well.
  9. Ya your right I ment to say GT 220 sorry about the miss type I don't know what I was thinking.

    When the Fan went out on the GT 220 I went to the Nvidia web site and serched for a better card that could run on my 300w PSU and the biggest card was GT 430. According to the web site.
  10. Oh, I see, so I'm gonna have to get a card with a fan that is actually GOOD, but what kind of things could a little bit of low power do to my system ? Like what are some symptoms of low power, how drastically does it reduce performance, etc.

    I'm into gaming but as you can see my rig isn't up for any crisis any time soon :P (but i do play fallout3). I haven't ever really put any focus on the fans of gpu's, but I definitely don't want this problem to happen again so do you guys have any recommendations ? preferable a cheap card, $100 or under.
  11. Low power caues a lot of different problems. One of them would be your GPU. Lets say you have a GPU that needs 400w to run and you have a 200w PSU. Not only does the card get hot but it shortens it life. The GPU will work but not with out a lot of problems. Air flow is what is needed to cool down hi temps in a case. If you have a small cramp case it will heat up faster and cause lots of different problems. I found out the hard way. My old Dell had i3 cpu 1tb hard drive a Nividia card GT220. In the case one fan on the CPU and PSU and an exhaust 80mm fan but not any air flow. I started playing Age of empires and the total war games. My GPU and CPU would get so hot that my game would start stuttering and then freeze up and sometimes BSOD.Then like i said before my GT220 fan started making noise and then went out. I spent $1000 dollars on that dell computer. I did not know what I was doing. There is a lot to learn about computers. Like if you go out and buy let say 750w PSU and a video card that needs 400w or better but the MOBO is max at 250w then you are way over kill and asking for problems with burning out the MOBO (mother borad). With what you have you are going to have problems playing the high resourse games with over heating. You could try a video card that can handle the watts from your PSU and make shure the fan on the side of your Gpu is at least 80mm and try to leave one side off and put a fan up and blow the air in to help keep it cool. To find a cheap card look on or Sorry for babbling on. I can only share what I know. There are people on who know so much more than me. I hope I have helped in some way. Good luck on getting your system going. One more thing I went ahead and built a gaming rig which I no longer have those kind of problems. I am still trying to figure out how to post my rig info with my thread. Cheers
  12. thanks !
  13. BTW how would I know how much power my system needs, and what kind of PSU I need ?
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