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Hi everyone, I'm almost finishing my new build but when I try to boot everything, one of the front fans of my Antec 902 v3 case doesn't work. The blue LED light does turn on but the fan doesn't spin.. the others work ok.

All the fans in this case a 4-pin molex connector, and I tried using several of the molex that came with the PSU, but still nothing..

I don't want to RMA this, it took me a while to put everything in the case, and this is a bit annoying.. does anyone has any ideas? Maybe looking at the cables or pins with more detail or something.. I know it's a long shot, but I'd really like to keep things like they are and not having to RMA this and wait more time.
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  1. if the fan doesnt spin even with a slight nudge then its broken. its up to you to either send the case back or replace the fan...
  2. Well, the original replacement is $20 at the official webpage of Antec, so I might just go with that.. not paying it would imply paying it with time and I'm quite busy.

    But still, this is very annoying! I even did an external build before to check the main components, I didn't think this was going to fail.. beh..

    Just a final question: will my system be properly cooled (temporarily, at least, until I get the new fan)? It's only one of the small fans that's missing..
  3. Where did you buy the case? I had a dead fan in an Antec 300 Illusion I bought from newegg one time and I just sent them an email telling them about the problem and they gave me like a $15 credit to replace the fan no questions asked. I just ordered a new Antec TriCool with the credit and replaced it with no problems. If I remember correctly they did not even require me to send back the dead fan.
  4. Well, this one of the few things that I didn't buy on Newegg or Microcenter. I got it on BestBuy. I can just return it but I guess it's not worth it. I will try to get some kind of credit from them if possible though.
  5. You might get lucky but I doubt it. Best Buy will probably want the whole case returned. I'm not sure they even stock Antec TriCool fans. Those are stock for Antec cases.
  6. you dont need to get the fan direct from antec you can get a tri cool fan for as little as 9 quid if you look about... im not sure if its a direct replacement as my fans seem to have a steady increase in rpm rather than 3 set speeds... (i have the 900mk2 or 902)
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