Intel G620 + GTS 450 1G DDR3 or AMD A6 3670

Which is better for overall perfomance?For gaming and couple of multitasking..

-Intel G620 + Nvidia GTS 450 1G DDR3


-AMD A6 3670 (Intergrated APU)

Need suggesion guys... :D
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  1. Hello zadt_pro;

    Multi-tasking - pretty much a draw in CPU power at stock speeds.
    3670K can be OC'd though.
    Pentium G620 @ 2.6GH vs AMD A8-3850 @ 2.9GHz *A6-3670K not in database

    Gaming - a clear advantage with GTS 450 well ahead of HD 6530D @ stock.
    HD 6530D performs at about the level of GT 430, but it too can be OC'd a bit.

    How do you feel about overclocking?
  2. Hello.
    Actually in gaming there is no comparison at all.
    As you can see here, (the 3670 is almost the same in gaming as 3650) the gts450 has almost 5 times the framerates (3650 APU 22,39 vs GTS 450 104,17):
    Tom's Hardware charts

    With this difference in performance, since you are thinking of gaming, and in multitasking are somewhat the same, the answer is pretty clear:
    Intel G620 + Nvidia GTS 450 1G DDR3

    ps: Don't mind about the DDR3 of the gpu, it looses a bit in performance but its not something so great...
  3. Thanks :) :bounce:
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