Hp dv7-6135dx ram and ssd upgrade

Hello. I have an hp dv7-6135dx entertainment laptop. I was considering upgrading to a solid state drive and was wondering if the samsung 128GB 2.5-inch SSD 840 Pro Series is compatible (cable sold separately) with my laptop. Also I was wondering what's the best bang for my buck if I wanted to upgrade my memory? Will it take pc3-12800 memory or anything better? or is it only compatible with the pc3-10600 type? I believe 16 GB is the max supported by this laptop (2x 8GB).I just want a cheaper alternative than buying a whole new machine and both together is only a bit over 200 bucks and should improve it's performance considerably right? Let me know, thank you all.

Btw I ran HWinfo32 program and it says SATA port 0 and 1 is supported. I read on another forum somewhere that it means its compatible with SATA III? so in theory that SSD should work right?
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  1. You should check your computers specs to see what dimensions of drive you can put in your laptop. SSDs come in varying shapes, sizes, and most imporant of those sizes is the thicknesses.

    You should also check your computer specs to see what form of RAM your machine can accept. You can usually put faster speeds into your system, but if it only supports a certain speed, your ram will run slower at the system's max speed.

    Find these specs on HP's website, probably the support section.
  2. i believe the HDD it comes with is a 2.5" 750 GB 5400 RPM so in theory the size is the same right? since the samsung 840 series is also 2.5"? I'm kind of a newb so forgive my incompetence, but I try ^_^. Thanks for your advice. Also the memory my laptop came with is pc3-10600. I typed in my laptops model number in crucial.com search box and only the pc-10600 memory is displayed so I guess I'll assume that is the one I should get? Thanks again.
  3. Yep, that would be the speed then. You can check on the HP site for the laptop's specs or look in it's manual. It should say.

    As for the SSD, the 2.5" is the width dimension. In laptops, the thickness is probably the most important dimension. I believe they come in 7mm and 9mm as the most common thicknesses. You definitely do not want to get a 9mm if your system only supports a SSD that is 7mm thick. It wouldn't fit then. It's worth checking before you order.
  4. Yes, 16GB (2 x 8GB) is compatible with your laptop. It supports PC3-12800 (but cannot guarantee it) and PC3-10600.

    Click --> Memory Upgrade for HP Pavilion Entertainment Notebook dv7-6135dx
    Click --> DDR3-1600MHz 8GB module.

    For compatible SSD check the following links.
    Click --> 120GB, 2.5inch
    Click --> 240GB 2.5-inch Internal SSD

    Well, it's almost 4 months since your last post if you haven't upgrade for some reason then maybe the above info should help you. Cheers, mate!! :vip:
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