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I'm considering buying a new graphic card(s). I'm currently sporting a GTX 295 which is obviously pretty powerful, but I'd like to to move Battlefield 3 from High to Ultra, and get DX11 support, not to mention be prepared for Diablo 3. I know GTX 295 can pull off Diablo 3, but I want absolute max settings with no FPS drops.

Another important factor is the decibel. My GTX 295 is pretty damn noisy. It's a single PCB version btw.

I've considered GTX 570-580 or maybe an SLI setup, say with 2x GTX 460.. Is microstuttering real?

Any input appreciated from you pros..400 euro is quite the investment.

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  1. Oh..or wait for GTX600?
  2. Nobody has a little input in this regard? Would be much appreciated :)
  3. the next gen is right around the corner so to speak, so I'd wait...
  4. You might not have to wait if you just want to upgrade to play Diablo 3. If you absolutely can't stand your GTX 295 then purchase a GTX 570 or 580. If you can wait, then it may be worth it.

    No one really knows at this point in time, but if you end up waiting and the new cards are flops or aren't worth it or aren't in stock, then the GTX 570 or 580 should be a little bit more inexpensive.
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