4870x2 problem, restarting on graphics intensive games.

Hi guys.

I just started getting back into gaming recently... however:

When i try to run crysis 2, batman arkham asylum, (other graphics demanding games) I get a BLACK SCREEN then the computer restarts as if i pushed the reset button. As for crysis 2, i cannot get past the cutscene at the start because it just resets itself.

This does not happen in games with little demand for graphics (Dragon's nest, left for dead, dead island, etc) and have not previously encountered this.

chassis: gigabyte 3d aurora
processor: Intel core 2 quad cpu q9300 @2.50ghz
ram: 4gb (2x2x1gb) ballistix tracer
cooling: coolit freezone liquid cooling (processor)
mobo: asus p5k deluxe
video card: asus eah4870x2 2gb ddr5
psu: coolermaster 1000w
hard drive: western digital 500gb

nothing has been overclocked... all are stock settings.

A few questions.

1. is this a heat problem? i just bought an electronic compressed air duster and am waiting for it to arrive. when it does, I will clean the card and blow the dust. some say temps will drop by 30-40 C. I will not know until i get the duster.

2. Is it just the end of the 4870x2's reign? I purchased this badboy and it has destroyed everything... til now. :(

3. RAM my ram is a good brand, but it is only 4gb ddr2 (4x1gb).
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  1. I'd imagine your 4870s SLI'd should handle those games remarkably well. What resolution are you playing at? Have you updated drivers? Temps is probably a good bet too if you don't have good airflow for those gpus. I'd update drivers again by using driversweeper and reinstalling, then move on to checking temps.
  2. thanks for your reply.

    My card is a 4870x2, not 4870CF... (if it matters lol)

    i am playing at 1920x1080.

    I have updated the drivers, fresh install and swept with driversweeper.

    I've had the case for 3 years now, never cleaned the GPU :( temp might be suspect.

    thanks for your insight.
  3. can't you tell the temps from catalyst, if not, get something like
    msi afterburner to find out.

    4870x2's tend to run hot when they are clean (stock cooler sucks), probably alot worse when not maintained (thermal paste worn out, dust blockages etc)
  4. thanks for your reply billybobser.

    I opened catalyst this morning and saw the temp at 56 C idle. its hovering below 60C, nothing drastic.

    The problem is when i play crysis and batman, and other graphically demanding games. Is there a way to monitor the temp and record it right before it crashes? the pc just automatically resets.

    When i get my electronic duster ill use it and post the results. i am not sure how to replace thermal paste :(

  5. MSI Afterburner has a few good features. I use it with my 5770's in crossfire. 56C at idle is pretty toasty. I'd suspect your temps are the source when it goes into a game. Mine shoot up to about 100C during BF3, fans at 100%. You can make your own "temp/fan ratio" graph in MSI Afterburner. Make sure the fans go up to 100% at around 70C, maybe 30 - 40% at 40C. Have a play around with different fans for each temp.
  6. thanks ONLYUSEmeISAAC

    i will download it when i go home. is the 4870x2 capable of handling these new games? how about my ram? it is only 4 gb ddr2 :(
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