Bios wont start up, powers on for 3 seconds

I recently built a new rig and selected an Asus z77 for the motherboard. I literally just finished installing all the necisary firmware and drive updates for everything. The last thing I had to do was update the bios. I downloaded Asus Suite off of their site, clicked bios update. Went through the procedure, finished the install and it said to restart for it to take effect. I restarted. It powered down and now it keeps trying to power back on with no luck. It powers everything up for about 3 second and turns back off. Everything was working perfectly fine until the bios flash. So I followed Asus's directions and put the bios on a usb drive and plugged it in to the appropriate spot on the motherboard. Held the bios update button for 3 seconds and it started to blink. It blinked for 3 seconds until it remained solid blue which means there is an error updating the bios. So I tried to clear the cmos using the jumper, twice, no luck. Still having this same issue. Literally the only thing I did was use Asus's program to try to update the bios. Any suggestions?
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  1. Hi, What motherboard using and what was the old BIOS version?
  2. ^ And for the USB BIOS Flashback the file must be on a fat or fat32 format and named correctly for your motherboard model. If the file name is incorrect it will not flash.
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