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I just bought this laptop- K55N-RHA8N29, Its as ASUS with an A8-4500m, 6gb RAM.

I dont plan on doing much multi tasking, i never have. All i want it for is watching some movies and playing WoW here and there.

I already have a beast desktop, just wanted a decent laptop to play around on.

Question: With 6gb RAM, i would only be using 2gb DUAL and 2 single, right? Would it be a SUBSTANTIAL upgrade to buy a set of 8gb(4gbx2) RAM set? I used Newegg compatability... said these CORSAIRs were a good fit, who knows how good that site is though.

Do they have to be a certain timing, or can i just buy any set of sticks i want? Obviously i wouldnt buy unmatching ones.

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  1. I don't think you need to upgrade the memory config.
  2. ^^ Agreed, upgrading your ram will only further your multitasking abilities. If you don't plan or running a bunch or programs at the same time then there is no need to upgrade. If you still feel inclined to upgrade then the RAM you selected will work just fine.
  3. I agree with other two posts here. I have same laptop as yours, but the difference is that I upgraded mine to 8gb. I only upgraded it because of my greediness of having max RAM; however, I didn't find any significant improvement. You will be just fine with 6gb RAM perhaps more than enough.
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