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Well since it's the start of 2012 that means new hardware is coming out. The thing is I'm building my own computer and I don't know if I should stick with last year's hardware, so should I wait for the new releases.

I will be getting an i7 2600k
ASUS maximus extreme z or asrock fatal1ty professional gen 3
Radeon 7xxx series or gtx 6xx.

Thing is would it be worth it if I waited till April to get the new ivy bridge processors. And also is it good to get a motherboard at this time of year. I want it to be future proof for a long time. So should I wait because I will have buyers remorse when I see something better come out like the ivy bridge processors or a new motherboard. But I can wait long enough for the new graphic cards.
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    If you are not in any hurry I would say wait. Reasons :

    1. Ivy-bridge is on the rise.

    2. PCI-e 3.0 is only now being adopted seriously. Native support for it in Ivy-bridge is worth waitng for. This will also drop pricing on these insanely priced boards.

    3. Same goes for USB3, native support in Ivy-bridge will give true USB3 performance as seen in AMD APU compared to third party controllers.

    4. AMD and Nvidia (hopefully sooner rather than later, if only to drive down AMD prices) HD7xxx and GTX7xx series GPU's are being release.

    So yes, I think give it a wait. Although Graphics card future proving is not easy. I have found thats its best to get a just better than necessary card at the right price and then upgrade it alone as the need arises.

    BUT why the I7? What will you be using this PC for?
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