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From a 7200rpm OS &program HDD -to- 2x SSD's in RAID0

I searched and found similar Q&A's but this is a different variation...

Starting with one 7200rpm hard drive, with the OS (win7 HP 64-bit), and all programs and other files.

The goal is to transfer the drive contents, onto a RAID0 (mirror), created with two SSDs... and then use that RAID0 array as the main 'drive'.

I just want to confirm that this is possible, and easily done.

mobo will be a Z75 or Z77, CPU a i7 3570k.
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    waste of time. clean install os required to utilize all hardwares.
  2. Couldn't an image be made of the original drive, and transferred... and that would be identical to the original?

    Some of the installed programs will have settings and content that would be lost if the program is installed anew.
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