How to know if my psu will fit in the case

how to know if my psu will fit in the case?
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  1. Get the specs of the PSU, (they shouold provide dimensions), a ruler and measure your case.

    Also, the operators manual or spec sheet of your case may spec out which PSU form factors fit.
  2. my psu is a corsair 430cx which is pretty common...its dimensions are 150x96x140mm

    my case would be cooler master elite 311... it just says standard ps/2...
  3. It will fit
  4. how can you say that ?
  5. HI, i am getting a gtx 760 soon, i need to get higher wattage to do so, so as you would expect im getting a psu.

    By the look of the back of my case and inside it dose not look like a standard ATX slot, i want to know wich psu to buy and i want to make sure it will fit before i buy it.

    I have thought about the following:

    But i really don't know if they will work.
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