New PC power on

Just finished building my 1st PC...

When I 1st powered it on after a few seconds it restarted (fan's span down and then began spinning again). It then was ok, so went into the bios, reset the PC and it happened again. I've done a few more boots to bios - some times it will power on and off, sometimes not!

I did a test boot outside the case and it didn't do this at all!

Is this normal? If not what should I be doing?


Asus Z68 V-PRO Gen 3
8GB Corsair Vengance DDR3
Asus GTX 560ti
Corsair 850HX PSU
M4 128GB SSD
WD 1TB Caviar Black
2 x Sony DVD drives an Antec 902 v3
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  1. If it is acting differently outside of the case than it is inside of it, then it sounds like there is something wrong with the way things are situated inside the case.
  2. esting outside the case - sat on mobo box. Behaves exactly as it should, powered on & used the onboard reset button a number of times.

    When I exited saving changes from the BIOS though, it restarted 3 times before posting! Help please?
  3. What exactly did you do inside the BIOS?

    Also, does it restart 3 times every time it turns on or just that one time?
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