Evga 550ti 2gb in sli

I have in 2gb 550ti and I was wondering what are the benefits to using this card in sli? I'm gonna start playing BF3 soon and I would prefer the best possible fps and graphics setting.
Thank you in advance
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    GTX 560ti's in SLI has a better performance than a single GTX 580 due to the scaling of the GPUs, you can achieve a performance increase by 40-80% depending on the game.

    Regarding the 2 GB of VRAM, The higher the resolution in games, the more VRAM there should be since more textures & packs need to be loaded.
    Due to technologies such as AA, MSAA, AF, QSCAA.. those really feed on the VRAM depending on the game. So you're fine.
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  3. Very true ilysaml, but he has the 550TI, which is a very different beast. The 550ti is like the 5770 in performance, and two in SLI won't be near the GTX580. One GTX560ti would probably be faster then two of his cards.

    Brutal, if your system is good overall, I suggest getting the GTX560ti or the 6950. Both are great cards, though I'm not sure which plays BF3 best. They trade blows for the most part, you really can't go wrong with either one.
  4. Yes, My apology for mixing up cards, One GTX 560Ti is still a better value than 2 GTX 550s in SLI.

    Though, If you're going 2 GTX 550ti's in SLI, you still able to max out the game @ high settings.
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