Motherboard beep every 10 seconds

I smelt something burning yesterday in my pc just before it went of. When I tried to restart it I saw that something shorts out the system. With a bit of troubleshooting I found that it was the graphics card.
But the the real problem is that now when I try to use my onboard graphics and other graphic cards the pc seems to go into an endless loop of restarts.
It makes 1 beep to indicate a successful post, and then I can see the keyboard lights flashing and then another beep.
There is no display. Unless if I hit delete it enters bios. the way I know that it keeps restarting is that I can enter the bios after a 20min wait.
Ive cleared the cmos, after that I saw a display but had to enter bios. So I dont think that its the display but something with the cmos. Can someone please help me understand how this is happening.

My system
Pentium E620 socket 1155
Asus P8H61-m LX
Kingston 4Gb ram
GFX 8800GT

Much appreciated
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  1. Ok so i have replaced the motherboard but the problem persists, could a faulty CPU cause these problems? I have also replaced the PSU....
  2. If you can enter BIOS and see it on the monitor then the graphics are working. Maybe windows got corrupt can you boot from your win installation media?
  3. You haven't mentioned the PSU, I'd suspect that more than anything else especially if it is less than 550 total power output.
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