Kingston Hyper-X Genesis vs Samsung RAM

I'm looking at building a laptop for university work and some gaming, and I have the choice between two types of RAM: Kingston Hyper-X Genesis and Samsung. Both are 8GB (2x4GB), 1600MHz, SODIMM, DDR3, etc. However, the Kingston Hyper-X Genesis costs £10 more. I know this isn't a lot, but would there be any difference in performance between the two types? Has one been built better than the other? I just want to make sure I'm not spending £10 on a flashy name.
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  1. in performance surel not if they both have the same specs... however i never had problems with kingston ram... Had DDR1-DDR2 and DDR3 and they all overclock really well and they all have lifetime warranty... that's worth the 10$ difference over the samsung ram... (as i know samsung never had this kind of waranty or overclock results...)
  2. Thanks for the heads up. If I'm not planning to overclock my memory, and the company I'm buying through gives a pretty good warranty, would you still recommend getting the Kingston RAM? Either way, it's only £10 so I'll probably get the Kingston just to be sure.
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